multi-companY Consortium Services (MCS)

Our MCS division provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that allows our clients to maximize the value of their multi-company initiatives. In MCS, QualRisk works with:

1. Individual companies to review their existing multi-company initiatives, including current participation in industry associations and consortia, to ensure the starting position of the company in this arena is strong.

2. Multiple companies in an industry simultaneously to generate ideas and opportunities for greater collaboration within the industry. QualRisk works with these same companies to assess the potential to launch new consortia, including the business case and governance requirements, and then, where appropriate, to form and launch the consortia.

3. Newly formed consortia to provide initial management services related to building the new company, including hiring and managing initial permanent staff of the consortium.

4. Existing or long-standing consortia or industry associations, to review their strategies, their operations, organization, and governance to ensure the organization is delivering maximum value to its stakeholders.